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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Why you can't trust filkers

Dear Friend

My name is Mr. Tom Smith The Acting Manager/ controller Foreign
Investments And Bills
Republic of South Africa,
I am writing in respect of a foreign customer in one of our banks
account number 908-14-255-114 whose name is Cho Kwiyoung(Mr.),
an American citizen who died in a plane crash [Korean Air Flight 801]
the whole passengers onboard on August 6,1997..
And for your perusal you can view this website


Since the demise of this customer, I personally has watched with keen
interest to see the next of kin but
all has proved abortive as no one has come to claim his funds of
(Twenty Million Five Hundred
Thoudsand United States Dollars) which has been with our branch for a
long time. On this note,
I decided to seek for whom his name shall be used as the Next of Kin as
one has come up as his next of kin.
And our monetary laws here does not allow such money to stay more than
eight years in the bank, because the money will
be disbursed by the government since funds are unclaimed.

In view of this, I got your contact through the internet reserch as i
making a research on a foreigner who
will assist me in this great opportunity. For your assistant I am
give you 20% of the total amount. Upon the
receipt of your response, I will send you by fax or e-mail the letter
application for the release of the funds
which you will fill, sign and send back to our office to enable us
this processing of this claim.I will not fail to bring to
your notice that this business is hitch free and that you should not
entertain any fear as all modalities
for the smooth and easy transfer of this fund has been finalized,
transaction will be completed within
seven banking days of recieving your response, after you apply to the
National Treasury as a relation to the deceased.
When you receive this letter. Kindly send me an e-mail or fax
your decision.

Please include your private Tel/Fax numbers for quick communication on
my personal email address: <> <>

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Tom Smith.
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